The Calcot Collection



Our Mission Statement

The aim of this mission statement is to give our guests, teams and suppliers an overview of our commitment to reducing our negative impact on the environment for future generations.
As a Hotel collection we acknowledge that many activities of the hotel industry can have a detrimental effect on the environment around us and potentially affect one of the key drivers of tourism to this area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We therefore wholeheartedly commit to decreasing our environmental footprint and increase the sustainability of the services we offer without compromising on the standards of quality our guests receive.

What we will continue to do…

• Improve our waste management to promote and continuously improve recycling projects, reduce waste and reuse wherever we can
• Find innovative ways to recycle and reuse through community and project-based innovations
• Procure from local suppliers and manufacturers wherever possible
• Work with our suppliers to implement positive changes in operating behaviours to reduce non-recyclable wastage. We will always have the environment in mind when purchasing
• Concerns around the environment and sustainability will continue to be a considering factor during any decision-making processes at any and every level
• To support green energy initiatives to help reduce fossil fuel emissions
• Promote the conservation of our natural landscape by maintaining organic status and passing on the benefits of this through our rewilding ambitions. Continue to collaborate with FWAGSW and     other aligned organisations to move forward with such projects and gain insights and advice for development
• Educate and train all our people to understand the importance of this policy and our environmental values to promote responsible working practices which become part of the foundations of the     collection
• To support local employment and provide live in accommodation for those from further afield.
• Continue our commitment to providing our teams with training, education, equal opportunities and promote health and well-being practices throughout the Collection
• Further develop towards paperless marketing/promotion and office practice
• Work with the Environmental Agency and abide by all legislation
• Review our practices regularly to seek improvement and minimise any damage or impact utilising the adoption of a benchmarking and review process V2 February 2024
• Keep our guest bedrooms free from all single use plastics.

What we will do next…

• Work hard to significantly decrease landfill in the next two years
• Introduce a ‘switch off’ policy for all lights and equipment not in use and ensure all light fittings in public areas are switched to LED by end 2023 and bedrooms by end 2024
• Replace PVC room key cards with natural and sustainable materials
• Move all cleaning products to environmentally friendly products and natural cleaners
• Review use of fossil fuel and work urgently towards adopting a renewable energy supply
• Produce a shared audit of all purchases in each department and find sustainable substitutes or replacements by continuing to work closely with our suppliers; we will continue to share best practice across the collection and review annually
• Gain accreditation so that we can be completely transparent; under no circumstances will we lean towards greenwashing
• Any renovations of buildings, infrastructure, and equipment at any stage in the future will include careful consideration of the environmental impact and the efficient use of resources including raw materials, energy and water
• Add covers to heated outdoor pool area by mid-2024
• Accelerate tree planting programme and promotion of biodiversity of landscaped area

Green Champions

Our Green Champions will continue to be the driving force at every level in each property to communicate and share information and engage all people in the importance of our commitment to decreasing our environmental footprint.
We acknowledge that these changes and future plans will take further time and effort and are evolving.
However, the commitment is set to invest in protecting the future of our delicate environment for generations of guests and team members to come.

Company: Calcot Health and Leisure Company Limited Date Effective: 29.2.24